International Journal Papers

Category I.F Year No. Title Author Attach
1.047 2015 41 Cost-Effective Single Switch Multi-Channel LED Driver 황상수, 황원선, 한상규 -
1.047 2014 40 Analysis and Design of a High-Efficiency Boundary Conduction Mode Tapped-Inductor Boost LED Driver for Mobile Products 강정일, 한상규, 한종희 -
1.047 2014 39 Lossless Snubber with Minimum Voltage Stress for Continuous Current Mode Tapped-Inductor Boost Converters for High Step-up Applications 강정일, 한상규, 한종희 -
1.047 2012 38 Integrated DC-DC Converter Based Energy Recovery Sustainer Circuit for AC-PDP 박재성, 신용생, 홍성수, 한상규, 노정욱 -
7.151 2012 37 High-Efficiency and Low-Cost Tightly Regulated Dual-Output LLC Resonant Converter 조상호, 김창섭, 한상규 -
1.047 2012 36 Low Cost High Power Density Photovoltaic Power Conditioning System with an Energy Storage System 장두희, 한상규 -
7.151 2011 35 A Pulse-Frequency-Modulated Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter With Series Boost Capacitor 신용생, 김창섭, 한상규 -
1.047 2010 34 Precise Analytical Solution for the Peak Gain of LLC Resonant Converters 홍성수, 조상호, 노정욱, 한상규 -
1.047 2010 33 A New Cost-Effective Current-Balancing Multi-Channel LED Driver for a Large Screen LCD Backlight Units 홍성수, 이상현, 조상호, 노정욱, 한상규 -
7.151 2008 32 A New Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Converter with Voltage-Doubler-Type Rectifier for High-Efficiency PDP Sustaining Power Module 이우진, 김정은, 한상규, 문건우 -